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Accuracy of Empirical Predictions of an Explosives Adiabatic Exponent



The objective of this paper is to determine the best method for calculating an empirical prediction of the Adiabatic Exponent (), which is reasonably accurate. A literature survey was conducted and many methods found, eight were used and these results compared with trials. From the Gamma Law Equation of State, accurate Adiabatic Exponent and Detonation Velocity enables prediction of the Detonation Pressure. This pressure is difficult and expensive to measure accurately, so simpler methods of determining it are beneficial. A survey of open references concluded that the most complete trials data was by Roth, his complete experimental data is given. These trials measured both the experimental Detonation Velocity and Detonation Pressure. Together with the explosives unreacted density, this gives the Exponent. One method was found to be simple, requiring as input only the unreacted explosive density, estimating  with a mean error of 0.7% and a standard deviation of 3.6%.


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