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Limitation of Fire in Automatic Weapon Barrel Due to Thermo-Mechanical Stresses



Automatic weapons are continuously performing their function once the trigger is pressed till the trigger is released. The main characteristic of these is high rate of fire. But, the biggest issue for these weapons is the so-called limitation of fire. There are many limitations of fire, limitation due to increase of thermo-mechanical is my interest. In this paper, limitation due to increase of thermo-mechanical stresses has been analytically and experimentally studied. Some results of the analytical model and experimental study had compared. The same analytical model used to calculate the number of rounds fired before the barrel material reaches its allowable stresses. It was founded that, the weapon theoretically can't reach its limitation of fire due to increase of stresses, but, may be in real the barrel's material characteristics will change by the dramatic change of temperature and it wasn't putted into consideration and it may be the next interest.


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