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Analysis of In-Bore Balloting and Control of Jump Variability



The variability of the projectile jump is the long-term issue to improve weapon accuracy. However, current simulation code cannot explain explicitly how the variability of jump arises. The aims of this paper are, 1) to give fundamental explanations for the variability of Jump, and 2) to offer design factors to make the variability of Jump less. Objects of the simulation are generic 120mm smooth-bore gun and long-rod projectile system which are regarded as a coupling vibration system composed of tube, sabot, and rod. Analytical formulation and parametric calculations clarified that high Jump-variability is generated only when the last rebound is on the muzzle line. This particular state of rebound is formed by the combination of inputvariables. Guide map named JV-Chart is proposed to show the high Jump-variability.


Jump Variability; Coupled Vibration; In-Bore Balloting; Cantilever TubeText


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