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Establishment of New Method for Evaluation of Ballistic Consistency



Regarding problems arisen from evaluation of ballistic consistency of two kinds of projectile with two different parents via two common evaluation methods of average ballistic consistency, the statistical function is presented herein to test average ballistic consistency of two projectiles according to basic concept of ballistic consistency and the difference in characteristic value of drop-point dispersion ellipse between two projectiles. Maximum allowable value of two dispersion ellipse centers and the test and evaluation criterion are derived from the concept of equivalent hit probability. Relevant sample size calculation equation and OC (Operating Characteristics) Curve are applied to determine relationship between the predetermined efficacy of test and minimal sample size of test, so as to provide an effective means for decision and planning of sample size before test, and determination of test efficacy after test. The effectiveness and practicability of the average ballistic consistency evaluation method established herein are verified by comparison test of 3 groups of 8 high explosive bombs (Burst Cartridge) and large power bombs for a howitzer, and shot by shot shooting comparison test of 1 group x 4 high explosive bombs and Smoke Projectiles.


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