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The Release Region Design of Guided Bomb Attacking Ground Maneuvering Target by Pattern Search



Due to the characteristics of the ground maneuvering targets like the armored vehicles, the interference of the ground background noise and the poor maneuverability of the guided bombs, it is not easy to strike the maneuvering target on ground effectively using the guided bomb. To deal with the aforementioned problems, the relative movement of the target and the guided bomb is analyzed in 3-D reference frames, and the impact angle constraint is added in the terminal segment of the guided bomb’s trajectory. As a result, the guided bomb can achieve an effective killing on such targets with an overhead-attacking guidance law. Based on this overhead guidance law, the release region of the airborne-antitank guided bomb is designed in different situations using the pattern search algorithm. The design of the guided bomb’s release region has greatly reduced the difficulties for the operators to achieve the attacks, which is extremely meaningful in actual combat.


ground maneuvering target, release region, guided bomb, overhead-attacking guidance law, pattern searchText


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