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Numerical Simulation of Gas Flow in Inner Perforation of Partially Cut Stick Propellants



The gas flow in the inner perforation of partially cut stick propellants is very complex and the gas flow parameters change constantly due to the existence of ordered incisions. The numerical simulation method can be conducive to further exploring the gas flow and its pressure and velocity distribution inside the inner perforation of stick propellants. Based on some assumptions, the inner perforation of stick propellants is a cylindrical channel with the ordered incisions, which can be simplified as a two-dimensional axisymmetric system. The calculation domain of the model is a rectangle which the width is 1 mm and length is 50 mm. The numerical results show that the existence of incisions can adjust pressure in the inner perforation of stick propellants well. A rapid change of pressure and velocity of the gas in the inner perforation was formed near the incisions. The gas can escape through the incisions in time, which is beneficial to decrease the pressure and mitigate the erosive burning inside inner perforations of stick propellants. The results of numerical simulation are not only helpful to explain how the incision of partially cut stick propellants can effectively mitigate erosive burning, but also provide a theoretical guidance for the production of partially cut stick propellants.


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