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Investigations of Inhibitors for Double Base Propellants by the Use of Real Time Roentgenoscopy



In this paper the results of investigations of double-base propellants covered by inhibitors are presented. The method of Real Time Roentgenoscopy (RTR) has been applied to the studies. This method enables the observation in the real time the burning process of the propellant grain being located in subscale rocket motor. Performed tests allowed to confirm the influence on the burning process of solid propellants are having defects of different kind of the inhibitors. Among the effects, the acceleration of the burning process of propellants was observed as a result of growing the burning surface. This effect resulted from improper adhering of the inhibitors to the surface of propellant or the discontinuity of the structure of the inhibitor. The results obtained in these experiments allow in the simple way to assess the practical suitability of the new kind of inhibitors. The applied testing method allows also to get information about effectiveness of inhibitor functioning of rocket propellants after the long term storage.

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