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Study of Characteristics of Burning Rate of Propellant at Different Charge Zone for Large Caliber Artillery Gun Systems



In order to get the different muzzle velocity in large caliber artillery gun systems, the propellant charge usually have several charge zones. When these charge zones been fired, the different chamber pressure and projectile velocity will happen which can influence the burning rate of propellants. It is very important for getting the burning rate of propellants in different charge zone when predicted the performance of interior ballistics. Usually we can get the burning rate of propellant from experiment results of closed bomb, but these results cannot be directly used in numerical simulation of interior ballistics processes for all charge zones. Now, we use a serial experiment of gun firing for different charge zone to get the performance of interior ballistics. On the basis of the simulation for performance by the IB code, we can get the real burning rate of propellant in IB processes. By using the methods, we can get the accurate results for predict the interior ballistics performance when different charge zones were used. So in this paper, an approach has been developed for getting the real characteristic of burning rate of propellant at different charge zone for large caliber artillery gun systems.

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