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Research on the 3D Reconstruction for Railgun Bore Scanning Based on Combined Binocular Vision and Laser Marking



There are complex morphology features caused by some phenomenons(like ablation, abrading, planing, aluminium deposition, and shape changing) during the railgun launching. And the features are important to the research of rails’ high life research, efficient armature, and internal trajectory. This letter designs a scanning method by combining laser marking and binocular vision. Through the laser marking system we can mark the target by a large scale laser dots. And the depth information of the feature points is calculated based on the binocular vision. A proper angle between the two image acquisition devices makes the close distance measurement done, thus we may realize the 3D reconstruction of railgun. In this letter we analysis the accuracy of the method and conduct a confirmatory experiment, which prove that this method can make a pretty accuracy and efficiency 3D reconstruction of railgun.

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