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The Study of Abnormal Combustion Light Gas Guns



The combustion light gas gun (CLGG) uses combustible low molecular weight gas as propellant to burn, expand and propel the projectile out of the barrel with higher muzzle velocities. Previous researches had revealed that the deflagration to detonation transition (DDT) process easily occurred in oxy-hydrogen mixture. The great energy released detonation can cause the bore premature accidents. Large eddy simulation (LES) methodology and a detailed chemistry model with 9 components of 18 reactions are applied to investigate the process of flame acceleration (FA) and DDT in CLGG. The mole concentration ratio of oxy-hydrogen gas mixture plays an important role on the interior ballistic process, especially the phenomenon of DDT. Therefore, some typical simulation cases with different charging ratios are carried out to study the abnormal combustion process in the chamber so as to direct the safety operations in experiments.

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