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Factors Determining Nature of Dynamic Vivacity Curve During Closed Vessel Investigations



It is assumed that the mechanism of gun propellant gases production is dependent on the knowledge of propellant grains geometry and adoption of a geometric model of propellant grains burning. In the paper, the authors analyse the influence of arrangement of propellant grains in a combustion chamber on the changes of dynamic vivacity. The grains of the propellant charge have been piled up spontaneously at the bottom of a combustion chamber or have been spaced separately, systematically on the whole circuit of a combustion chamber. The investigations were carried out with application of black powder ignition and gas ignition for the same loading density. The results of closed vessel investigations showed that the character of dynamic vivacity is determined not only by geometry of propellant grains but also by the conditions of heat transport between hot ignition gases and available burning surface of propellant grains.

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