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An Aerodynamic Shape Optimum Study for Long-Range Guided Rockets to Maximize the Range and Increase the Hit Accuracy



In order to obtain the optimal aerodynamic shape parameters of long-range guided rockets (LGR), an optimization model of LGRs’ aerodynamic shape is established. To design a guided rocket for the maximum range and best-hit accuracy, a shape optimization system is combined with an exterior ballistic analysis and optimization technique. In the flight section, the aerodynamic coefficients are calculated in every time step with a semi-empirical method and connected to the motion equation of the guided rockets. Monte Carlo method was applied to simulate the disturbance in flight to obtain the average range and CEP. In the optimization section, a real-coding genetic algorithm was adopted to find out an optimum shape of the multi-objective: best lift-drag ratio, maneuverability and stability. The shape optimization system of a long-range guided rockets can maximize the range under certain hit precision and provide the optimum shape and installation location of canards, tailfins and nose. The analysis results confirmed that the optimum shapes extended the range of the basic shape by 9%, and increase the circular error probable (CEP) by 14.8%.


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