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Prediction of Spatial Distribution of Fragments from a Preformed Fragmentation Warhead using Mathematically Constructed Model



This paper presents a novel technique for modeling and prediction of spatial fragment distribution of preformed fragmentation warheads. Using this technique, the distribution of fragments in various angular zones is generated using a mathematically constructed model, in which each fragment is represented by a 3-D coordinate with respect to a specified coordinate system. These coordinates are generated in the form of circular arrays of fragments stacked one after another and following the contour of the warhead along the longitudinal axis. Fragment ejection velocity is computed from Gurney's equation for cylindrical warheads. Fragment ejection directions are assumed to be distributed normally around the mean ejection direction, given by Shapiro's formula, for each circular array. Standard deviation of distribution is estimated by minimizing error in average simulated fragment distribution with respect to average fragment distribution data obtained from experiments.

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