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Computational Analysis of the Aerodynamics of a Bending Body Projectile at Supersonic Speeds



Computational fluid dynamics is used to investigate a bending body projectile as an alternative control methodology to improve gun-launched projectile maneuverability over that of a canard-controlled projectile in the supersonic regime. A fin-stabilized projectile of length-to-diameter ratio 10 is considered. A feasibility study analyzes the aerodynamic performance of a dual bent-body (8° bend at nose-body junction and 8° bend along the body) compared to the straight body and a straight body with 4-10° deflected canards over a range of Mach numbers and angles-of-attack. The resulting aerodynamic coefficients reveal that a projectile that cruises in a straight-body configuration and changes into a bent-body configuration for maneuver control is likely to provide greater control authority than a canardcontrolled projectile. An optimization study seeking to optimize the bentbody geometry of the Air Force Finner for maximum control authority and minimum drag is initiated.

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