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Research on Aerodynamic Characteristics of Trajectory Correction Mortar with Circular Grid-Fin Canard



2D trajectory correction technology has been adopted to improve the accuracy of mortar. The fuze equipped with a trajectory correction canard is a method to achieve effectively 2D trajectory correction. The circular grid-fin has the characteristic of shorter length of fin cell, thereby the flowing choking is reduced effectively. The use of grid fin is well known for its smaller control moments resulting in smaller actuators, which can solve the problem of fuze space limitation. In addition, the circular layout allows it to be closed folded along the surface of the fuze, resulting in little influence on the aerodynamic characteristics of the trajectory correction mortar in the flight before correcting. The computational fluid dynamic (CFD) simulations are carried out to investigate the aerodynamic characteristics of trajectory correction mortar with planar canard and circular grid-fin canard respectively, in the condition of subsonic, transonic and supersonic. Lift coefficients, drag coefficients, lift/drag ration, pitch moment coefficients and center of pressure of trajectory correction mortar with circular grid-fin canard and planar canard are compared. The results indicate the circular grid-fin canard is a good configuration for 2D trajectory correction.

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