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Research on the Effect of Structure Parameters on the Dynamic Characteristics of Terminal Sensitive Projectile



Metal wings are adopted to provide drag force and rotating torque for non-parachute terminal sensitive projectile (TSP). The wings are usually quite thin to adjust the demand for diameter of warhead. It’s conventional to simulate the aerodynamic characteristics by considering wings of TSP as rigid ones. Affected by aerodynamic force, thin metal wings could deflect during the TSP’s falling process, which could affect its aerodynamic characteristics. Therefore it’s more accurate to take wings as elastic body. The wing structure is defined by three parameters including bending angle, bending ratio and length-width ratio. The S-S type non-parachute TSP has two wings which make four bending angles, four bending ratios and two length-width ratios. Based on ANSYS software, this paper analyzes effect of wings structure parameters on aerodynamic characteristics of TSP.


terminal sensitive projectile, aerodynamic characteristics, fluid-structure interaction, free flight tests

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