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Effect of Add-On Explosive Reactive Armor on EFP Penetration



Explosive reactive armor (ERA) can significantly disturb penetration ability of shaped charge, yet the effect on EFP is unclear. In this paper, EFP and ERA interaction model was built in AUTODYN-3D by Lagrange-Euler coupled solver; deformation of EFP and depth of penetration (DOP) to steel target were obtained. Effects of ERA layer thickness, Oblique angle α and HE of ERA detonation condition were investigated under various EFP hitting velocity v. The results show that deformation of EFP is more severe and DOP to target declines result from increase of ERA layer thickness and oblique angle respectively; relative DOP was only 35% when α=60° However, low hitting velocity with large oblique angle ) may lead to no interaction between EFP and rear plate of ERA, causing less severe deformation of EFP and, therefore, obscure decline of DOP. The results also show that DOP declines as well when HE is not detonated, but less than HE detonated condition. Experiments were performed to verify this investigation, and simulation results are in agreement with experiment results.

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