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The Interaction of High-Velocity Projectiles with Groups of Rods and Plates



The study of the problem of protecting the elements of constructions from impact loadings is very important due to the need of constant perfection of the means of shock-wave impact on the objects of modern technology. The problem of creating reliable protective systems dictates necessity of studying different ways to counteract to high-velocity elongated projectiles. The interaction of projectiles with plates and rods which are thrown towards projectile by HE is investigated. The problem is solved in 3-D statement in view of natural heterogeneity of real materials structure affecting distribution of physical-mechanical characteristics along the volume of construction elements and being one of the factors, defining destruction character of the latter. The necessity to account the given factor for equations of deformable solid mechanics dictates the application of probabilistic laws of physical-mechanical characteristics distribution along the volume of the construction under consideration. To calculate elastoplastic flows used technique implemented on tetrahedral cells and based on the combined use of the Wilkins method for calculation of internal body points and Johnson method for calculating contact interactions.

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