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A Radiation Sensitive Adhesive System for Functionally Graded Composite Joints



Adhesively bonded composite joints can help reduce weight in structures and avoid material damage from fastener holes, but stress concentrations formed at the edges of the adhesive bond line are a main cause of failure. Stress concentrations within the adhesive can be reduced by lowering the stiffness at these edges and increasing the stiffness in the center of the joint. This may be achieved using a dual-cure adhesive system, where conventional curing is first used to bond a lap joint, after which high energy radiation is applied to the joint to induce additional crosslinking in specific regions. Anhydride-cured epoxy resins have been formulated to include a radiation sensitizer enabling the desired cure behavior. Tensile testing was performed on cured systems containing varying levels of radiation sensitizer in order to evaluate its effects on young’s modulus as a function of radiation dose.


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