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Analyzing the Mechanical Properties of Thermoplastic Reinforced with Natural Fibers



Synthetic fibers such as glass, carbon, etc., are used as reinforcement in polymer composites due to their high strength and modulus. However, synthetic fibers contribute to high costs and have a significant environmental impact. To overcome this challenge, various natural fibers, including banana, kenaf, coir, bamboo, hemp, and sisal fiber, as reinforced in a polymer matrix are investigated for mechanical properties. In this study, biocomposites with natural fibers as reinforced are developed and characterized. Treated and untreated natural fibers such as flax, maple, and pine as reinforced in thermoplastic, in this study, polypropylene (PP), are investigated for the mechanical properties, including tensile, flexural, and impact test. Mechanical test results exhibited that adding the natural fibers enhanced the tensile, flexural, and impact properties. It can be inferred that these biocomposites can be used as potential materials for the automobile industry.


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