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Sub-Microscale Speckle Pattern Creation on Single Carbon Fibers for In-Situ DIC Experiments



High performance carbon and glass fibers are widely used as reinforcements in composite material systems for aerospace, automotive, and defense applications. Modifications to fiber surface treatment (sizing) is one of the ways to improve the strength of fibers and hence the overall longitudinal tensile strength of the composite. Single fiber tensile tests at the millimeter scale are typically used to characterize the effect of sizing on fiber strength. However, the characteristic length-scale governing the composite failure due to a cluster of fiber breaks is in the micro-scales. To access such micro-scale gage-lengths, we aim to employ indenters of varying radii to transversely load fibers and use scanning electron microscope (SEM) with digital image correlation (DIC) to measure strains at these lengthscales. The use of DIC technique requires creation of a uniform, random, and high contrast speckle pattern on the fiber surface such as that shown in Figure 1. In this work, we investigate the formation of sub-microscale speckle pattern on carbon fiber surface via sputter deposition and pulsed laser deposition techniques (PLD) using Gold-Palladium (Au-Pd) and Niobium-doped SrTiO3 (Nb:STO) targets respectively. Different processing conditions are investigated for both sputter deposition: sputtering current and coating duration, and PLD: number of pulses respectively to create sub-micron scale patterns viable for micro-DIC on both sized and unsized carbon fibers. By varying the deposition conditions and SEM-imaging the deposited patterns on fibers, successful pattern formation at sub-micron scale is demonstrated for both as-received sized and unsized IM7 carbon fibers of average diameter 5.2 μm via sputter deposition and PLD respectively.


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