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Numerical Prediction of Stiffness Degradation of Thin-Ply CFRP Laminates Under Fatigue Loading



This study aims to conduct a fatigue simulation for predicting the stiffness degradation of thin-ply composite laminates with several ply thicknesses. For the simulation, a fatigue evolution model of intra-laminar damage in thin-ply composite laminates considering the effect of ply thickness was proposed. The intra-laminar damage evolution was modeled using the continuum damage mechanics model and the static and fatigue evolution law were formulated by relating the transverse crack density to the damage variable. The finite element simulation using the proposed model was conducted to predict the stiffness degradation of the laminates as a function of the number of loading cycles. The simulation results show that the experimental data can be reproduced by using the proposed fatigue model.


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