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Internal Damage Prediction in CFRP Laminates Using BVID Profiles and Machine Learning



The purpose of this study is to investigate the possibility of estimating impact information only from the surface profile of impacted CFRP laminates using machine learning. The low-velocity impact test was conducted to collect the data about barely visible impact damage (BVID) under various impact conditions: stacking sequence, impactor shape, and impact energy. A 3D optical profiler and an ultrasonic C-scanning system were utilized to measure external and internal damages. After feature engineering using only the specimen surface data, the machine learning models were able to estimate impactor shape with over 80% accuracy by a classification problem and over 90% by a regression problem, and delamination area and its length with over 70% R2, without significant outliers. It demonstrated that considering both local and total deformation that is unique to the low-velocity impact test is prominent in this estimation.


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. Importance after Random Forest: (a) Delamination area and (b) Delamination



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