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Mechanical Performance of Variable Stiffness Plates Subjected to Multiscale Defects



Novel manufacturing techniques that have arisen during the last decades have permitted to improve both the manufacturing quality and performance of laminates parts. Despite these improvements, such manufactured parts are not flaw-exempt, since uncertainty in the fabrication processes and in the material properties are still present. At the same time, numerical models that allow to describe the ground truth designs have been developed. Nevertheless, some defects have not been studied yet. This work aims to analyze the influence of spatially varying microscale defects on the mechanical performance of variable stiffness plates at both microscale and macroscale level. Attention has been paid to the usage of component-wise and layer-wise modeling, based on the Carrera Unified Formulation, to study the stochastic response of the micromechanical stresses and the macroscale buckling performance, respectively.


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