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Experimental Evaluation of Compressive Strength of PAN-Based Carbon Monofilament by Poisson’s Deformation in Cruciform Specimen



Carbon fiber has relatively high anisotropy in tensile and compressive strength. Since, the diameter of carbon fiber is 5~10[μm], it is difficult to directly evaluate the compressive strength of monofilament. In this study, the compressive strength of carbon single fiber was evaluated using Poisson's deformation of Cruciform specimen. Using the Cruciform test method, the compressive strengths of monofilaments of PAN-based carbon fibers, T300B and T700SC, were experimentally and analytically evaluated. As a result, the compressive strengths of carbon single fibers was 5.12 [GPa] for T300/PA6 and 5.54 [GPa] for T700/PA6 in this study.


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