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An Examination on the Applicability of Compressive Buckling Allowable Design for Composite Panels and Analysis for Strength Calculations



The purpose of this study is to examine the applicability of buckling allowable design for composite stiffened panels and to establish a simple method that can predict the strength of composite stiffened panels under compression loading. Typical compression loading tests were carried out on the various fiber-direction stiffened panels. As increasing the compression load on these panels, unstable phenomena accompanied with some different deflection mode shapes were observed before their final breakdown. However, the out-of-plane displacement at the location of the anti-node point monotonously increased during the tests. Utilizing this type of increasing displacement, we propose a simple strip analysis to predict the critical load for post-buckling panels. An energy adsorption method has been applied to calculate the de-bonding load between stringers and skin panels. The results of the calculation showed good agreements with those of the tests. As shown in the test results here, the ratio (de-bonding / buckling load) is large, suggesting the possibility of further weight reduction. We got good agreement between the test results and the calculation for shear buckling allowable design by similar method. We believe that we can provide aircraft fuselage design tool.


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