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Effective Diameter of Added Glass Fiber into Matrix of Carbon-fiber Reinforced Thermo-Plastics for Improving Mechanical Properties



The aim of this study is to clarify the effective diameter of added glass fiber into the matrix of chopped carbon fiber tape reinforced thermo-plastics (CTT) for improving mechanical properties. Three types of submicron glass fibers of which the diameter were comparatively different were added into PP (polypropylene) with MAPP (Maleic-Anhydride-modified polypropylene) to modify the matrix using twinscrew extruder. The extruded modified resin was formed to the sheet shape with 0.1 mm in thickness in a T- die. The diameter of submicron glass fibers were relatively changed to 0.18, 0.28 and 0.69 μm of three types. The weight content of MAPP and that of submicron glass fibers were 5 wt% and 3 wt%, respectively. The static bending strengths obtained by three point bending tests were improved due to modification of matrix with submicron glass fiber. The particles of matrix modified with submicron glass fiber were remained on the carbon fiber protruded from the fracture surface after bending fracture. This result suggested that adhesive property between matrix and carbon fiber was improved by the matrix modification with submicron glass fiber. To check the adhesive property, micro-droplet test was performed. Interfacial shear strength obtained by micro-droplet test was significantly improved when the diameter of added submicron glass fiber was 0.28μm. These results indicated that adding submicron glass fiber into matrix was effective for improving mechanical properties and the glass fiber whose diameter is 0.28μm as additive for matrix of CTT was most effective for improving mechanical properties in a range from 0.18 to 0.69μm in diameter of glass fiber.


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