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Bmanc-A Versatile Software for Failure Analysis of a Composite Structure Essentially Upon Original Constituent Properties



A three-dimensional elastoplastic micromechanics Bridging Model is implemented into a subroutine in ABAQUS, named as BMANC. All of the formulae involved are analytical, and are in closed form if a planar problem is concerned. A unique feature of this model is its consistency in the internal stress calculation. Namely, the internal stresses in the fiber and matrix of a composite calculated by the 2D (two-dimensional) and 3D (three-dimensional) bridging model formulae are exactly the same if the composite is subjected to a planar load. This feature is not sheared by any other micromechanics model such as finite element method, meaning that a full 3D approach should be employed if the other model is used in analysis. Another feature is that Bridging Model is among the most accurate micromechanics models. The most important feature is that the homogenized internal stresses of the matrix must be converted into true values before an effective property of the composite is calculated in terms of the original fiber and matrix properties. The conversion for all of the stress components has been achieved and summarized in the paper. The prediction results are validated with corresponding experiment data.


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