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Ply-Orientation Dependence of Notched Strength of Multidirectional CFRP Laminates and Prediction Using a Finite Fracture Mechanics Model



A method for predicting the fracture toughness of a given laminate of any stacking sequence on the basis of the fracture toughness values of the constituent plies is proposed. This method is combined with the finite fracture mechanics (FFM) model to predict the notched strengths of multidirectional laminates with balanced off-axis layers. Static tension tests are carried out on the specimens with a circular open hole for different values of hole-diameter to specimen-width ratios, respectively. The angleply laminates exhibit different notch sensitivities depending on their stacking sequences. The use of the ply-based fracture toughness values of laminates with the FFM model predicts slightly smaller values of notched strength compared with the experimental results, regardless of notch size. The accuracy of prediction using the FFM model can be improved by taking into account the energy release due to local delimitation.


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