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Validation of a Mesoscale Fiber Kinking Model through Test and Analysis of Double Edge Notch Compression Specimens



Tests and analyses were conducted on a series of geometrically-scaled double edge notch compression specimens to validate the capability of the fiber-kinking model in the NASA continuum damage mechanics code for progressive damage analysis, CompDam. The tests and analyses focused on the fiber-kinking damage mechanism, which is of critical importance for predicting accurately longitudinal compression failure in carbon fiber reinforced polymer laminates. The fiber-kinking model in CompDam was augmented with a new capability to represent a hardening response once a kink band has fully formed, enabling prediction of band broadening. Correlation of the test and analysis results showed agreement in stiffness and strength with less than 10% error. The analysis predicts the same sequence of events leading to ultimate failure that was found in the test. The overall excellent correlation in terms of stiffness, strength, and failure process validates the capability of the model for predicting longitudinal compression failure in notched laminates with cross-ply layups.


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