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Dynamic Response and Validation of a Flexible Matrix Composite



Testing and predicting the dynamic response of flexible matrix composites in impact loading condition faces two primary challenges: (i) experimentally, existing techniques using existing instruments do not always provide high fidelity material data under simultaneous high strain and high strain rate loading conditions; and (ii) finite element simulations of a highly flexible material requires many material parameters and complex mathematical formulations. To address these limitations, this research investigation presents a technique originally developed in-house for modeling and validating hyper-viscoelatic materials and applies it toward the flexible matrix composite. Results from a simple low velocity impact (2 m/s) test on a 75 x 75 mm2 flexible matrix composite indicate that the critical material properties for the low strength, highly deformable matrix in conjunction with an updated constitutive model can accurately predict the dynamic behavior within 10% with respect to the force time history response using MATLAB and ABAQUS/Explicit. Finite element interrogation also shows full field stress response within the composite specimen not easily measured via sensors and deformation matching the behavior observed via high speed camera. Finally, on-going research in this arena indicates that the technique can be applied to higher rate loading mechanisms, such as a gas gun and Hopkinson bar apparatus, in order to obtain material parameters for even more devastating impact loading strain rates.


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