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Integrated In-Process Monitoring of High-Rate Production CFRP Structures for Material Quality Assurance



SIP (Cross-ministerial Strategic Innovation Promotion Program) - SM4I (Structural Materials for Innovation) was established by the Council for Science, Technology and Innovation (CSTI) of the Japanese Cabinet Office, as one of the national R&D subjects to realize scientific and technological innovation strategically under its initiative. Under this SIP - SM4I, our project, "Innovative Aircraft Polymer Matrix Composites (iAPMC)" started in 2014 as a five-year project. The main purpose of this project is to develop high-rate production aircraft CFRP products and quality assurance technology for next-generation CFRP aircraft structures. This project consists of five research units, (1) OoA CFRP (Airframe) Unit, (2) Low-cost Autoclave CFRP (Airframe) Unit, (3) CFRTP (Engine) Unit, (4) High-Temperature CFRP (Engine) Unit, and (5) Academic Support and Material Evaluation Unit. This presentation provides a summary of recent results in this project. Especially, optical fiber sensor based integrated in-process process monitoring methodology is presented with some successful examples which cannot be provided by conventional material characterization methods. Precise in-process material property data are obtained and fed into the process simulation code for better prediction of CFRP structures to avoid many trials and errors in the development of new CFRP materials for high-rate production.


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