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Enhancement of Impact Performance of AS4/3501-6 Carbon/Epoxy Composite Laminates by Nylon-66 Nanofiber



A 32 ply quasi-isotropic AS4/3501-6 carbon/ epoxy base and three interleaved laminates with Nylon-66 nanofibers mats of areal density 0.5, 1.5, and 2.5 g/m2, that translate to 0.23, 0.69, and 1.15% increase in ply weight were impact tested. Impact heights ranged from 50 to 260 mm, which resulted in impact energy range from 2.82 to 14.67 J. The threshold impact force (PTh) for the 0.23, 0.69, and 1.15% interleaved laminates increased by 8, 42, and 45%, respectively. The threshold impact energy (ETh) increased by 16, 89, and 97% for the same three interleaved laminates. Then the damage growth rate for the three interleaved laminates was reduced by 11, 32, and 48%, respectively. Compression after impact test (CAI) results showed that the compression strength reduction rate was reduced by 0.3, 7, and 34% for the three interleaved laminates compared to the base laminate.


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