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ONR High Fidelity Database and Validation Protocols for Structural Failure Mode Characterization—Static Open Hole Tension and Compression



The objective of the High Fidelity Database and Validation Protocols for Structural Failure Mode Characterization project sponsored by ONR (N00014-14-C- 0128) is to provide the required material characterization data and associated guidelines to effectively benchmark computational analysis methods. Open hole tension (OHT) and open hole compression (OHC) specimens comprising layups of hard, medium, and soft configurations were tested in room temperature dry (RTD) conditions to threshold loadings. In-situ and post-test inspection techniques were used to characterize and chronicle the developing internal damage state, and the results were compiled to create unique damage maps by which computational analysis techniques may be benchmarked. The purpose of this paper is to present a selection of the program damage maps and computational analysis predictions for OHT and OHC at RTD. Analysis was performed using the Regularized Extended Finite Element Method. Advanced inspection using in-situ radiography and post-test computed tomography identified a key splitting mode associated with the 0o embedded ply. The strain relief mechanism was found to be a significant physical point of comparison between method prediction accuracy and formulated capability based on analysis method class.

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