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World’s First Predictive and Validated Yarn-level FEA Modeling of the V0-V100 Probabilistic Penetration Response of Fully-Clamped Kevlar Fabric



This paper presents the world’s first fully validated and predictive capability to model the V0-V100 probabilistic penetration response of woven aramid fabrics using a yarn-level fabric finite element model. The V0-V100 curve describes the probability of complete fabric penetration as a function of projectile impact velocity. The exemplar case considered in this paper comprises of a single-layer, fully-clamped, plain-weave Kevlar fabric impacted at the center by two types of 0.22 cal projectiles: a 11-gr spherical projectile and a 17-gr FSP or fragment-simulating projectile. Each warp and fill yarn in the fabric is individually modeled using 3D finite elements. A probabilistic computational framework is developed to map in the experimentally characterized sources of statistical variability into the fabric model and then generate a numerical V0-V100 curve through a series of impact simulations at varying impact velocities. This paper also reports the experimental characterization data and its statistical analysis used for model input, viz. the Kevlar yarn tensile strengths, moduli, and inter-yarn friction, and the experimental ballistic test data used for model validation.


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