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Strain Partitioning in a Functionally Graded Interphase Based Composite Micromechanics Model



In order to improve the predictive accuracy of homogenized micro mechanics models the strain partitioning between the fibres and the matrix must be accurate. Early homogenization schemes are only applicable for elastic deformations of composites; however, it has become important to be able to predict the response of composite materials up to the point of failure to improve the design of lightweight structural composite structures. Approaches to improve the strain partitioning for homogenized schemes where the material undergoes elasto-viscoplastic response are discussed. For complex polymer materials models where the composite has an elastic fibre which is perfectly bonded to the matrix it is proposed that the fibre strain is related to the recoverable elastic strain of the matrix material. Simulation results are shown for a unidirectional carbon fibre epoxy composite at various strain rates under transverse loading.


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