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Dynamic Instability of Antisymmetric Cross-Ply Laminated Composite Rectangular Thin Plates Based On Large Deflections Theory



In this paper, the dynamic instability of thin laminated composite plates subjected to harmonic in-plane loading is studied based on nonlinear analysis. The non-linear von Karman strains associated with large deflections and curvatures are considered. Introducing Airy’s stress function, Galerkin’s technique is then applied to the problem and it leads to a system of non-linear Mathieu-Hill equations. Applying the Bolotin’s method, the dynamically-unstable regions, and both stable- and unstable-solutions amplitudes of the steady-state vibrations are obtained. The effect of various lamination schemes and also magnitude of both tensile and compressive longitudinal periodic loadings on the dynamically-unstable regions and the amplitudes of the steady-state vibrations are examined and compared.

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