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Challenge Problems for the Benchmarking of Micromechanics Analysis: Multiscale Designer Level I Results



Following from “Challenge problems for the Benchmarking of Micromechanics Analysis: Level I Initial Results†by Ritchey, Goodsell, Sertse, Yu, and Pipes [1]; this paper presents the results of all six level I micromechanics simulation challenge problems using Altair Engineering Multiscale Designer. The micromechanics simulation challenge problems consist of three levels. The challenge problems specified in level I and the focus of this paper consider only linear-elastic phase constituent behavior. The objective is to compute the homogeneous effective properties (homogenization) and extract the local fields (dehomogenization) along predefined paths though the unit cells of each of the six level I challenge problems. These results will be benchmarked against 3D FEA of the specified boundary value problems. Level II challenge problems will extend Level I by including non-linear phase constituent behavior including elastic-plastic constitutive relations. Level III challenge problems will extend Level II by including damage and failure prediction. It is the intent of the micromechanics challenge problems to compare the relative strengths and trade-offs of the participating tools and identify areas currently unaddressed by the micromechanics field at large. In 2015 Altair Engineering completed the acquisition of Multiscale Design Systems, LLC, the developers of MDS [2], a family of products focused on micromechanics, microstructural optimization, and life prediction of complex materials. MDS was renamed by Altair Engineering to Multiscale Designer [3] and is being released under the Altair HyperWorks suite of tools. Multiscale Designer is a mathematically rigorous practical engineering tool for the seamless integration of modeling, simulation, testing, and optimization of engineered products involving materials of multiple scales. It provides a complete environment for the design and analysis of engineered components made from heterogeneous material including; continuous fiber composites, long and short chopped fiber composites, honeycomb, metals, reinforced concrete, soil, bones, and various other heterogeneous materials. Multiscale Designer has macro solver plugins to commercial FEA codes; OptiStruct, RADIOSS, LS-Dyna, and Abaqus.

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