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Generic Methodology for Validating Acoustic Emission Structural Health Monitoring Installations



This paper investigates the application of time reversed ultrasonic fields to the verification and validation of acoustic emission systems for SHM. Using 3-D FE simulations the principles of ultrasound time-reversal to create synthetic AE signals in structures are demonstrated. Possible application of this technique to the validation of AE systems for SHM are described in which time reversed AE signals can be used to simulate repeated episodes of damage formation and growth in a structure. The same capability can also be employed as built-in test for an SHM system using AE by creating synthetic AE for system response tests anywhere and at any time within a monitored zone. Simulations of acoustic signals representative of AE in example structures are shown together with discussion of trades-off between structural geometry, quantities of transducers and signal capture and replay requirements.

doi: 10.12783/SHM2015/192

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