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Identification of Impact Force Based on Compressive Sensing in Large Structural Health Monitoring



Recently, the investigations on the impact force identification in aircraft primary structures have been undertaken in order to keep up the integrity and operation safety of these structures. How to obtain a fast and accurate impact force is an important problem to be addressed deeply in large structural health monitoring. In the paper, the Compressive Sensing (CS) is intoduced to deal with the impact force identification problem in the large structure. Firstly, an effective impact force identification based on Chebyshev polynomial basis function and the modal superposition principle is introduced. Secondly, CS theory is given, and an impact force identification method is developed based on CS, which consists of the sparse model, the sensing matrix, and the optimization reconstruction problem. Lastly, the proposed impact force identification approach is illustrated through a large aerospace aluminum plate structure simulation experiment. The result shows that the method can fast and correctly identify the impact force in the large-scale structure.

doi: 10.12783/SHM2015/384

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